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Regular Price: $2000;
Save 10% on this offer!
Shipping not included.

Package includes:

  • 100 records – High quality 180 gram black vinyl
  • 100 Full Colour Jackets
  • 100 Full Colour Center Labels
  • 100 Poly inner sleeves
  • Lacquer & Electroplating
  • Assembly and Shrink Wrap
  • Six test pressings shipped to you for free
  • Production time 6 to 10 weeks
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Regular Price: $3000;
Save 15% on this offer.
Shipping not included.

Package includes:

  • 300 records – High quality 180 gram black vinyl
  • 300 Full Colour Jackets
  • 300 Full Colour Center Labels
  • 300 Poly inner sleeves
  • Lacquer Master & Electroplating
  • Assembly and Shrink Wrap
  • Six test pressings shipped to you for free
  • Production time 6 to 10 weeks
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Kaneshii has some of the best pricing for glass-mastering CD duplication Please confirm by contacting Kaneshii

Kaneshii Vinyl Press

State-of-the-Art Vinyl Pressing Technology
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Canada’s newest full-service vinyl record pressing facility

Kaneshii Vinyl Press uses the latest technology in vinyl manufacturing, paired with classic vinyl pressing processes. Our goal is to create the highest quality products at competitive prices, while boasting industry leading turnaround times.

We are committed to providing you our very best in:

Turn around time


Vinyl Records

12" records
Most suitable for full albums
10" records ***coming soon
Most commonly used for EPs and small projects
7" records ***coming soon
Most suitable for singles
*We offer a variety of colour options - contact us for details!

Labels & Packaging

Centre labels
Your centre label typically displays the sides of the album and the track titles
Inserts & inner sleeves
We can add a custom insert or lyric insert, text and graphics to your inner sleeves
Single jackets
Go with a single record jacket for single albums
Gatefold jacket
You'll need a gatefold jacket for double albums.


Need more information on our pricing? Looking for a custom package? We’re happy to talk you through all the details and get pressing.

Let's talk

How to order

Step 1: Choose your package

Choose from one of our various promotional packages or contact us directly if you would like a more customized package that better caters to your project. Our on-site logistics person would be glad to discuss the options we can provide.

Step 2: Audio mastering & artwork

Send us your mastered (for vinyl) audio files as well as your artwork template files for packaging and labels. If you need help with getting your project mastered for vinyl, or mastered in general, please contact us and we can make that happen.

Step 3: Record & artwork proofs

We will send you your test pressings for review once we have your stamper completed. We will also send a PDF proof of your artwork for review. This will give you a good idea how your project will look and sound!

Step 4: Pressing, Print, Packaging

Once everything is approved, we will have your records pressed, artwork printed, everything assembled, and packaged.

Step 5: Shipment

Once your project is assembled and boxed up, we are ready to send you the final product!



61 Watts Avenue, Charlottetown, PE


Email: info@kaneshiivinyl.com

Phone: (902) 894-7315

Toll free:  1 (888) 894-7315





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